Плата расширения для cubieboard (DVK521)

Плата расширения для cubieboard (DVK521)

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Код товара: lc8252

DVK521 - плата расширения для Cubieboard 1 и 2 для поключения внешник аксессуаров.

Схема DVK521

  1. Cubieboard socket
  2. OV7670 interface: for connecting OV7670 Camera Module
  3. 8I/Os interface: easily connects to modules controlled by I/Os, such as 8 Push Buttons
  4. SPI interface: easily connects to SPI modules such as AT45DBXX Dataflash, etc.
  5. I2C interface: easily connects to I2C modules such as PCF8574 Expansion Module, PCF8563 RTC Module, etc.
  6. USB interface: USB TO UART, convenient for debugging
  7. VGA interface: for connecting VGA display Module
  8. Capacitive touch screen socket: for connecting capacitive touch screen using I2C interface
  9. 7inch LCD interface: for connecting 7inch LCD
  10. ONE-WIRE interface: easily connects to ONE-WIRE devices (TO-92 package), such as temperature sensor (DS18B20), electronic registration number (DS2401), etc.
  11. UART interface (PL2303TA): connects to the UART interface of Cubieboard
  12. Cubieboard Ext Ports
  13. 5V/3.3 V power input/output: usually used as power output, also common-grounding with other user board
  14. Power indicator
  15. User LEDs
  16. Buzzer
  17. User Keys
  18. Joystick: five positions
  19. PL2303TA: onboard USB TO UART convertor
  20. 12M crystal: for PL2303TA
  21. Joystick jumper
  22. User Keysjumper
  23. ONE-WIRE jumper
  24. Buzzer jumper
  25. User LEDs jumper
  26. Prototyping area: can be used to place user components for experiments

Комплект поставки

1. 4-pin 2-pin wires pack x 1
2. USB type A plug to mini-B plug cable x 1
3. Ethernet Cable x 1
4. 40-pin FFC × 1
5. 4-pin FFC × 1
6. inch LCD screws pack x 1
7. DVK521 x 1
8. 7inch Capacitive Touch LCD x 1
9. OV7670 Camera Board x 1
10. VGA PS2 Board x 1
11. AT45DBXX DataFlash Board x 1
12. FM24CLXX FRAM Board x 1
13. 8 Push Buttons x 1
14. DS18B20 x 1

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